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”The ZOX Formula for Love Handles Extermination”



I sympathize with your situation from the bottom of my heart.

Love handles are the extra fat laden oblique region of the torso and I know the agony and embarrassment brought on by them. They are annoying!

Chances are you feel one or more of the following due to your huge love handles:

  1. You can’t wear your favorite jeans anymore
  2. You don’t feel confident in public or in private
  3. You don’t look good naked
  4. You don’t find yourself as attractive or desirable as you did when you were fit
  5. You feel unhappy and unsatisfied

Yes, like I said, I know your pain.


I Know Your Pain Because I Too Used to Have ENORMOUS LOVE HANDLES!


After breaking my leg and injuring my ribs in a terrible car accident, I was bed ridden for 3 months. I was taking dozens of medicines some of which  have had terrible side-effects. In order to avoid boredom and ignore pain, I found solace in eating delicious food and I was eating a lot of it.

You know what happened within just 3 months?

  • I gained 65 pounds
  • My waist size tripled
  • I got love handles so huge that I had to change my entire wardrobe!

I felt miserable!


”How to Lose Love Handles???”

That was all I could think of those days!

Exactly 94 days after the accident, I sat down, thought long and hard, and decided that enough is enough!

”You are going to do everything within your power and beyond to get rid of love handles for good”, I told myself in the mirror while standing naked and holding my fatty enormous love handles that I had developed.

I started with the ‘get back in shape’ mania just like you.

Yes, I too spent days upon days, surfing the internet, reading articles, watching videos, learning new exercises, finding new diets, and all that. After all internet is free and we have all the knowledge at our fingertips right?

Ancient recipes, new diet plans, secret foods that shed off fat within days, innovative and time-tested exercises which help get rid of huge love handles – I tried it all.


The Most Agonizing Part? I STILL could not get rid of love handles!

I applied every single thing that I found and learned on the internet on myself.

Here is a list of (only about 70% of all the) tactics that I used:

  • I acquired the contact details of 3 top fitness trainers of my city and I trained with two of them for a year
  • I took up swimming and within weeks I was able to complete 20 laps a day , 6 days a week
  • I saw videos of a guy who had lost incredibly amount of weight with cycling. So I took up cycling, riding 15 kilometers a day, 6 days a week.
  • I started using a 16 Weeks 6 pack abs training program and completed it twice – never missing a single day of work out.
  • I took up a 9 week 5k (kilometers) running program (again a quite expensive one because like most of us I was mentally programmed to believe that the more expensive an item is, the better it would be). I completed this program twice missing only 3 times and I was able to run 9 k three times a week with ease.
  • I tried a variety of diet plans, after buying several diet books’ kindle versions and even a paperback.
  • I tried a low-carb diet.
  • I tried a multitude of low fat diets.
  • I tried high protein diets.
  • I became a vegetarian in a desperate attempt to get rid of my annoyingly bulging love handles.
  • And of course, I tried all types of crunches, doing hundreds of them daily.




But You Know What?

My ‘Love Handles Loss Project’ was a DISASTER! (At Least Initially)

While I was able to lose 73% of my extra overall body weight within a year, I did not take more than 1.5 inch off my waist!

So, in short, no reprieve from enormous love handles!

This is when I sat down again and started to review my year long struggle and the associated strategies.

I was able to find a trend.

I noticed that I was mostly relying on free advice from people for whom those tips may have worked because of their body structure, or genetics, or maybe just pure luck. Or maybe some of them were just spewing advice without having the required experience, training, information and know-how.

I decided, I wouldn’t rely on advice posted for free on the internet by just any Tom, Dick or Harry.


But what should I be doing instead?

This is when something clicked in my mind!

How about trying Research Backed Information Produced by Scholars & Scientists? said my mind.

Peer-reviewed research produced by qualified scholars and scientists is a goldmine of authentic, well-researched information on any topic.

So I immediately signed up for a variety of research health journals and starting scanning research studies and experiments done on millions of people by qualified researchers, PhD scholars and highly skilled scientists.

After 3 months of continuous hard work and research I was able to build my own formula which I call:


“ZOX Formula – The Best Way to Lose Love Handles!”


Testimonial for The ZOX Formula (The Best Way to Lose Love Handles)

“John’s ZOX Formula saved my life. I was able to shed off fat not just from my waist but from my whole body which resulted in innumerable people telling me each day how I looked 10 years younger and 10 times prettier. Thanks John!”

Martha Lenard – Boston, Massachusetts

Testimonial by Dan for The ZOX Formula (The Best Way to Lose Love Handles)

“After having tried a variety of products, tips, tactics, diet plans and e-books, I was not sure if I should give it a try but I was able to see considerable results within just 3 months of using the ZOX Formula. In this period of time, I was able to take 6 inches off my waist. Not only that, but I was also able to reduce my weight from 220 pounds to 140 pounds. The best part is the tactics and strategies of ZOX formula, are easy, fun and they help me stay at 140 pounds without much of an effort which is just great.”

Dan O’Connor - Los Angeles, California



Benefits of The ZOX Formula for Love Handles Extermination
  • You will be able to start losing love handles from the very first month
  • You will be able to take upto 5 inches off your waist within 3 months and 10 inches within 6 months
  • If you are a man you will able to reduce your fat to 2-5%  of the total body mass – the the most ideal physical condition for a man
  • If you are a woman, you will be able to reduce your body fat to 10-13% of the total body mass – the most ideal physical condition for a woman
  • You will able to reduce up-to 4-8 pounds per month and you will be able to reduce over 100 pounds or even more if you continuously use the ZOX Formula
  • You will be able to stay lean, fit, confident, happy and energetic without worrying about gaining weight again
  • Due to the researched-backed nature of the ZOX Formula, you will lead a much more healthier life (physically as well as mentally) which means your quality of life and productivity will increase enormously


Features of ZOX Formula That Help You Get Rid of Love Handles Fast


Available in PDF format, The ZOX Formula for Love Handles Extermination gives you access to a complete weight and love handles loss strategy that you can implement with minimal effort.

  • The ZOX Formula is constructed after 6 months of deliberation and study of over 100 different research papers, research studies and scientific experiments. This means you will gain access to the most up-to-date research-backed authentic information on losing love handles which is rarely seen or discussed in public
  • The ZOX Formula has a complete 25 Points Plan for dieting in a manner which does not involve you starving yourself to death or investing in unsustainable diet plans
  • The ZOX Formula has a highly unique training program comprised of over 50 different exercises. It includes HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) based very specific resistance training, aerobic exercises and yoga exercises which you have to do for specific duration in a specific order and on specific days.
  • It contains exercises that you can do while you are at work.
  • It also has tips on how to dine socially without gaining weight.
  • Also find included a cheat sheet on how to stop cravings and still enjoy eating.



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“ZOX Formula is a lifesaver! I was able to lose 7 inches of waistline in just 3 months! I have never been fitter in my entire life!”

Harris White – Atlanta, GA


Download Instantly to Get Rid of Love Handles Fast!




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